Natural Language Processing

DataGenic offer a fast, scalable, and easy-to-use Natural Language Processing (NLP) platform built using state-of-the-art algorithms.

Natural Language Processing

DataGenic has applied the latest research from the field of Natural Language Processing (NLP) to parse and help extract insights from raw textual information. Unstructured data requires a robust processing engine to deal adequately with the vast volumes of data and the challenges of the lexicon. To do this, we use advanced and intelligent Machine Learning techniques to process the data with high precision and recall.

Unstructured Data

Genic NLP can process Unstructured data that has no form or pre-defined format. Typically this data can be in various form News Articles, Word Documents, E-Mails, Speech or Tweets. Text is pervasive – and it has huge opportunities for analysis and value extraction.

Commodity Market NLP Platform

At DataGenic, we have developed a Commodity Market dedicated platform for extracting valuable information from text. Our platform takes the complexities associated with Natural Language Processing and delivers them via an easily accessible and fast solution for our clients to utilise.

This abstraction allows you immediately to start to unlock the opportunities tied up within Unstructured Data.

Dedicated Industry Partner

Partnering with DataGenic will enable you to tailor, enhance and get better value from your data as opposed to an of the shelf product. Providing you access with the capability of near real-time ability to analyse and process Unstructured data.

A selection of our clients that benefit each day from our solutions

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