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The DataGenic Cloud offers many advantages to our clients, including cost reduction, 24/7 support, elastic scaling and high availability. However, we can equally operate within a client’s private Cloud platform. Our staff are currently trained to operate in Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure.

Why move to the DataGenic cloud?

Without much doubt Cloud-based computing has introduced a new paradigm in the acquisition and management of technology, and how it is used. Furthermore, the payment of such services offers a plethora of options never available before.

Organisations are under increasing pressure to increase their business agility to respond to new market dynamics, compete more effectively with their peers and new market entrants, reduce costly infrastructure and data centre overheads, whilst ensuring corporate security levels are maintained, as
well as a flexible and elastic pricing structure that scales with the business needs.

DataGenic offer existing on-premise clients an efficient and effective plan for their own unique Cloud migration journey – from lift-and-shift to adoption of new applications – through a standard, repeatable methodology and reference architecture to plan and migrate applications, data and system configuration . New clients are offered the opportunity to adopt the Cloud at the outset.

  • Expertise you can rely on
  • Proven track record
  • Local service, global expertise
  • Deep knowledge of the benefits of each cloud platform


We offer complete transparent pricing for a single tenanted platform instance or multi-tenant clients. Clients have the complete flexibility to buy reserved instances or pay each month.


From our technical support team available 24X7X365 to service management teams, and Professional Services , we are there to provide the confidence you need to operate every day.


Highest standards of security. The strength and security of the platform with best-of-breed security and tools ensure that your mission-critical systems and data are protected at all times.


No hardware purchase




DataGenic Cloud Solutions offer the breadth and depth of services that you would expect from the global leader in Commodity Data Management

Data as a Service (DaaS)
Curves as a Service (CaaS)
Software as a Service (SaaS)

Achieve High Availability

We design and provision the right environment for our clients requirements, coupled with real-time monitoring to ensure 100% uptime or minimising downtime.

Migration & Implementation

For clients looking to migrate to the Cloud, the DataGenic Professional Services team will evaluate the best strategy: lift-and-shift, partial refactor or complete refactor.

Hybrid Options

Join your existing corporate network to a Virtual Private Cloud within DataGenic AWS Cloud offering the best of both worlds in a secure hybrid environment.

Security Management

Responsive and proactive patch management, real time log analysis and monitoring of your Cloud environment.


Design and deployment of AutoScale clusters AWS . We have solved issues with file syncing between nodes, sessions and database scaling.

Cost Control

Proactive cost management and optimisation services, including reserved instance planning and guidance, optimisation of resources and more.

Built for the cloud:

Desktop, Tablet and Mobile ready

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