Data Services

  • Genic DataService™ – fast, reliable, scalable and fully managed data service to access real-time pricing and point-in-time snapshots, in multiple formats and delivery options.
  • Genic ISOMarkets™– real-time and historical data from the ISO markets direct to your desktop, excel or in-house application

Data Integration & ETL

  • Genic DataManager™ – model-driven and flexible software platform that adapts to your business.
  • Genic WorkFlow™ – driving all validation, exception management, presentation and publishing tasks.
  • Genic LiveConnect™ – a transformational technology that ensures efficient, real-time data Integration.

Decision Support

  • Genic DataiQ™ – advanced analytical, reporting and visualisation tool, utilising the latest innovations in web technology for commodity traders, analysts and researchers.
  • Genic CurveBuilder™ – a purpose-built application provides the flexibility and controlled framework for the automated generation of forward curves for any asset class.
  • Genic CurveBuilderRT™ –  the new super-charged and re-engineered forward curve application, capable of building millions of real-time curves each day.
  • Genic Excel Add-In™ – a powerful plug-in to Microsoft Excel providing Immediate access and auto-update to aggregated market, real-time, and proprietary data.

Data Quality Management

  • Genic QualityManager™ – purpose-built enterprise-strength application, using artificial intelligence, for the automation of simple to complex data validation and derivations.

Partner Integration

  • Genic Fusion™ – Allegro – DataGenic offer plug-and-play connectivity for Allegro 8 and Horizon customers, via the Allegro MarketConnect interface.
  • Genic Fusion™ – Trayport – Seamless real-time interface to Trayport for data storage, derivations and forward curves.

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