Genic LiveConnect™

Real-time Data Integration Technology

Low latency data capture technology that ensures efficient, real-time data integration, event capture and business responsiveness.

Genic LiveConnect™

Real-time change data capture technology

Low latency, high volume market pricing, news and transactional data are handled with ease using bi-directional Websocket technology. Allowing dynamic business responsiveness to these unpredictable and asynchronous environments.

  • Faster time to market
  • Highly performant
  • Fully scalable
  • Non-proprietory architecture
  • Off-the-shelf ready adaptors

Real-Time Adaptors

Ready-made real-time adaptors for lightening-fast responsiveness

Built for High Performance

The distributed system architecture dynamically adjusts to changing user and application demands

Real-Time Monitoring

Supports interactive and real-time monitoring of all data flows and processes, providing complete visibility at any stage

Market Replay

Provides the supporting framework to develop and test (using the market 'Replay' mode) algorithmic trading strategies

Snapping Engine

Intra-day market snapshots are configured and captured with ease

“Genic LiveConnect is transformational to our business. It allows us to easily plug in to real-time events and pricing and be responsive to changes at rapid speed”

IT Manager, Global Energy Company

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