Genic ExcelAdd-In™

Live access to all your data needs

Genic ExcelAdd-In allows users access to the full range of real-time, delayed and historical market data directly into Microsoft Excel.

Genic ExcelAdd-In™

Global Data Direct from Excel

Access forward curves, matrices, time-series and data properties, with the ability for users to publish data back directly into the corporate database. It’s simple, effective and users can enjoy with all the functional richness and power of Microsoft Excel.

  • Internal Data Upload
  • Leverage Excel for Analysis
  • Auto Data Updates
  • Real-Time, Intra-day and EOD
  • Standalone Plug-in

Your Data via Excel

Upload proprietary data from Excel for permissioned user access or downstream systems

Data Searching Made Easy

Whether you prefer searching for data using data categorisation, free-form, advanced criteria or filter search, finding your data has never been easier

In-Build Functions

Enhance your Microsoft Excel workspace and calculations by using the integrated advanced formula editor, with over 200 function operators

Rich Meta Data

All units of measure attributed to each individual commodity and currency conversions can be accessed and easily converted using the authorised conversation factors and approved currencies

Global Data Sources

Access to over 850 sources from the world's leading exchanges, assessment providers, government agencies and other authoritative sources

Discover the benefits of Genic ExcelAdd-In now.

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