Genic WorkFlow™

Business Process Management

Automate, manage and monitor business processes, whilst providing visibility and transparency throughout the workflow lifecycle.

Genic WorkFlow™

Automating Business Processes

Genic Workflow and BPM platform provides a highly flexible, convenient and transparent approach in the automation and management of process flows, making changing complex business processes easier whilst significantly enhancing business agility.

  • Workflow flexibility
  • Real-time monitoring
  • Quick to adapt processes
  • Improved accountability
  • Full automation of processes

Visual Process Building

The visually powerful workflow designer, with drag and drop mode for automation of all your business processes

In-Session Monitoring

Interactive and real-time monitoring of all workflow jobs

Workflow Versioning

All workflow execution paths are logged and retained for re-runs, auditing and compliance

Workflow Library

An extensive and ready-to-use library of workflow components to help accelerate the design and execution of all business processes

Workflow Alerts

Stay informed - Email, text or system tray alerts on the status of any workflow job

“Genic WorkFlow automates complex business processes with ease. Simple to use, powerful and very effective”

Global Energy Company

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