Engineered for the most demanding commodity data management requirements

Our clients benefit from our depth of experience in real world data management and our commitment to reliable, scalable and leading-edge products

  • Proven
  • Award-winning
  • Strong ROI

Genic DataManager™

Smart Commodity Data Management

Powerful and flexible data management system for the acquisition,
processing, validation, management and distribution of commodity market data.

  • Enterprise
  • Low TCO
  • Data Agnostic

Genic CurveBuilder™

Forward Curve Management

Purpose build application providing flexibility and a controlled framework for the construction, automation and management of forward curves for any asset class.

  • Intelligent
  • Transparent
  • In-Memory

Genic CurveBuilderRT™

Customised forward curves in Real-Time

Genic CurveBuilder RT is the new super-charged and re-engineered forward curve application, capable of building millions of real-time curves each day.

  • Enhanced Trading Decisions
  • Price Transparency
  • Real Time Portfolio Valuation

Genic WorkFlow™

Business Process Management

A business process management platform (BPM) for creating and automating business processes that coordinate between people, applications and services.

  • Visual
  • Flexible
  • Automated

Genic QualityManager™

Data Quality Managment

Enterprise strength, rules-based application for the automation of simple to complex data validations and derivations.

  • Expert-System
  • Enterprise-Strength
  • Event-Driven

Genic DataiQ™

Intelligent Decision Support

Advanced analytical, reporting and visualisation tool, utilising the latest innovations in web technology for commodity traders, analysts and researchers.

  • Smart Visualisation
  • Collaborative
  • Analytics

Genic LiveConnect™

Change Data Capture (CDC)

Change data capture adapter, enabling low latency continuous collection and export of high volume/ high frequency transactional, structured or time series data.

  • High-Availability
  • Horizontally Scalable
  • Any Feeds

Genic DataHub™

Data aggregation and distribution

Real-time, delayed and end of day aggregation and distribution, via multiple channels and platforms.

  • 850+ Feeds
  • Normalised
  • Validated

Genic ExcelAdd-In™

On-Demand Data via Microsoft Excel

Powerful plug-in to Microsoft Excel providing Immediate access and auto-update to aggregated market, real-time, and proprietary data.

  • Bi-Directional
  • Proprietory Data
  • Conversions

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