Seamless real-time interface to Trayport for data storage, derivations and forward curves.

Out-of-the-box and bi-directional connectivity to Trayport for access to all traded markets and aggregated liquidity pool.

Store, derive and monitor customer traded markets, including full market depth, using DataGenic’s production-ready technology:

  • Proven interface that offers the confidence for this vital project component to work out-of-the box
  • Gain market advantage through real-time forward curve basis arbitrage calculations when combined with Genic CurveBuilderRT
  • Improve price transparency and margins when combined with Genic CurveBuilderRT for real-time forward curves
  • Real-time monitoring that provides full knowledge of the data processing cycle and workflow
  • Around-the-clock data support, reducing internal costs and reacting quickly to issues

Trayport Interface

The complexity of today’s trading and highly regulated landscape requires a myriad of functionality and operability than can adjust and scale to both external market drivers, as well as a client business challenges and focus. Organisations demand cost-efficiency and operational effectiveness, whilst ultimately seeking market advantage and profit from those activities.

The client investment and partnership of Trayport to address this market complexity plays an important business role. DataGenic offers not just technical interfaces to Trayport, but also years of working together, getting to know each other and working hard each day to provide the best-in-class support for our joint client portfolio.

DataGenic is proud to be a Certified Software Provider of Trayport, one of many partners that offer true and proven value to a myriad of market participants.

Extremely powerful & bi-directional Excel Add-in that provides live access to your forward curves and market data.

Real-time curve building using Trayport live data access, for enhanced trading decisions and price transparency.

Capture, store and manage all trades and offers in Genic Data Manager for compliance, trade strategy back-testing, forward curves and downstream system integration.

“The combination of Trayport and DataGenic interface provides a compelling proposition for market participants to gain additional value and market insight that makes a difference to the bottom line”

Richard Quigley, CEO

Speak with one of our sales team to find out more about Genic Fusion™ and Trayport real-time connectivity.

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