Seamless interface to Allegro CTRM

DataGenic offer plug-and-play connectivity for Allegro 8 and Horizon customers, via the Allegro MarketConnect interface.

DataGenic’s global market data feeds, custom forward curves and other proprietary data is fully accessible within the Allegro CTRM Solution.

Access DataGenic’s extensive data portfolio without leaving the Allegro CTRM Solution:

  • Proven interface that offers the confidence for this vital project component to work out-of-the box
  • Single source of truth minimising data inconsistency and costly errors
  • Intuitive configuration GUI that reduces project time in data selection and configuration
  • Real-time monitoring that provides full knowledge of the data processing cycle and workflow
  • Around-the-clock data support, reducing internal costs and reacting quickly to issues

Allegro MarketConnect Interface

The complexity of today’s trading and highly regulated landscape requires a myriad of functionality and operability than can adjust and scale to both external market drivers, as well as a client business challenges and focus. Organisations demand cost-efficiency and operational effectiveness, whilst ultimately seeking market advantage and profit from those activities.

The client investment and partnership of Allegro CTRM to address this market complexity plays an important business role. However, equally important is the role of data; it’s accuracy, timeliness, completeness, accessibility, relevance and reliability. DataGenic provides an extensive market data portfolio of normalised and quality-checked data, functionally rich modular software, a self-service support and metrics dashboard, best-in-class service level agreement (SLA) and a seamless interface to Allegro 8 and Horizon. Just some of the reasons why DataGenic has won a plethora of industry awards and a vendor partner to some of the largest market participants.

MarketConnect Dashboard

Search and Select Data

Configured Data Feeds

Real-Time Monitoring of Data Feeds

On Demand

Allegro users can access DataGenic data at any time, based on the access controls in place.

Configuration Panel

The intuitive panel ensures non IT Personnel can access and configure the data feeds for Allegro CTRM.

Data Modelling

Users can easily monitor all of the data flows to Allegro CTRM by instrument type and transaction status.

Mobile Ready

For those on-the-go, MarketConnect can be accessed via a mobile device, ensuring you are kept up to date wherever you are.

Powerful Search

Users can search for any instrument name or type using the free-form search or by applied filters.

Mapping Transparency

Each instrument and the associated profiles, e.g. Settlement, Open, High, Low, Close has an associated Mapping to Allegro CTRM.

Instrument Agnostic

MarketConnect interface offers the ability to injest not only time-series, but also forward curves, matrices and options.

Scheduled Request

Allegro CTRM Users have the ability to configure the consumption of data via a scheduled timed request.

“The proven deployment and continuous investment of the Allegro CTRM interface provides a welcome confidence factor to the client project team”

Juan Pedraja, Director of Professional Services

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