ETOT Data Management Workshop

ETOT Data Management Workshop

We were invited to run one of the technology workshops at the 8th Annual Energy Trading Operations & Technology Summit (ETOT) which took place last week in London. Originally billed as “How to adapt your IT department strategy to the growing role of data and analytics” we opted for the shorter “ETOT Data Management Workshop”, and were pleased by the turnout – despite the Friday afternoon graveyard slot.

ETOT Data Management Workshop – Key Points

The workshop was delivered by Colin Hartley, CTO and Co-Founder of DataGenic. Colin is a specialist in designing and building enterprise time-series data management systems with experience gained from many years working on consulting projects in BP, Deutsche Bank and various European Utilities.

One of Colin’s responsibilities is ensuring DataGenic’s products have the functional and technical features that ensure DataGenic’s growth in all the market segments that we operate in. He achieves this by working closely with our core development team, our consultants and directly with clients themselves.

The ETOT data management workshop covered:

  1. Trends and best practices in data management
  2. Data collection – Front to back office data: Categorising the collected data, from market data to reporting data
  3. Dealing with high volumes: What are the technical capabilities needed?
  4. Data quality: Overcoming the challenges
  5. Making data management and data interpretation a competitive advantage
  6. Forward Curves Dos & Don’ts
  7. Why one curve won’t fit all
  8. Other statistical tools

You can flick through the slides below or download them by completing the form on this page.