International Petrochemicals Player

Streamlined process for CTRM data and curve integration

  • Consolidated data delivery from multiple sources
  • More accurate data & curves
  • Reduced TCO
  • CTRM Integration

Global integrated petroleum and petrochemicals company that trades through Switzerland, Singapore and the US

“The project was delivered in a handful of weeks that has a huge positive impact on their daily operations and confidence in their reporting and analysis. The customer recognised the need to get the right data at the right time to their CTRM system”

Tony Osborne, Project Manager, DataGenic

The Challenge

With a heavy investment in a CTRM system (Solarc), there was a requirement to discontinue with the overuse of spreadsheets that were error prone and unwieldy, with duplications and inconsistencies that resulted in late and inaccurate M2M and VaR reports. An interim attempt to resolve the issue with a leading decision support tool proved to be opaque and unreliable. They needed to ensure a fully supported data feed that was timely, quality checked, complete and was always available – with a Zero IT footprint.

Their Requirements

To ensure the success of this investment, the solution needed to be/have:

  • Time sensitive
  • Validated data
  • Calendar enabled
  • Flexible to change
  • Compatible format with CTRM
  • Low Running Costs

Our Solution

A set of forward curves that are based on calendar sensitive business rules thus ensuring curve uninterruptible delivery. Delivery via the DataGenic Data as a Service (incorporating forward curves) model eliminating the requirement for software deployment and staff overhead. All data files are pre- formatted and arrive ready for upload into Solarc.




Natural Gas



The Result

Low TCO as the employee costs of collecting and maintaining data has been swapped with a DaaS model.

Confidence in the CTRM reports being generated on-time with accurate data.

On-demand access to additional forward curves and new data.

Guaranteed service delivery each and every business day.

Flexible downstream system integration

A selection of our clients that benefit each day from our solutions

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